Plated Couture | Launch of our Tropical Midnight Collection

Over the weekend, GOOD KRAMA launched the Tropical Midnight Collection at The Plated Couture event organized by The Plantation Resort

Here are some of the signature styles from our #TropicalMidnight Collection!

With the "runway to plate" concept, the event showcased the ultimate collaboration between the city’s creative talents in the kitchen and the creative designers of Phnom Penh’s fashion scene.

Working with Phnom Penh’s latest collections, Cambodia’s top culinary talents created five unique courses, inspired straight from the runway and the collections showcased by the various Cambodia based designers.

GOOD KRAMA’s collection took over the third course - a turbot fish dish grilled with a krama-like checkered pattern and squid ink to resemble the dark contrasting hues of GOOD KRAMA’s signature handwoven accents.

To the tempo of a slow ephemeral soundtrack with strong female vocals and jungle sounds, the guests were transported into tropical midnight and indulged in GOOD KRAMA’s latest styles.

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